Sunday, January 16, 2011

Notes in the Raw #2

Here are some important quotes from Listen Little Man by Wilhelm Reich

"Recognize the smallness and narrowness of thoughts and actions" and how that endangers happiness p. 7

Lost all feeling for the best that is in you, stifled it...small and want to stay small p.23

p 18 "Knowing yet naive; trusting yet cautious; streaming with love and kindness, and yet able to hit hard; gentle and yet strong, just as the child of the future is"

p 22 "Does a flower live "as if" it were a flower, or a deer "as if" it were a deer? Does a flower or deer proclaim itself as a flower or deer? They are what they are. They live it. They function it."


  1. "WOW"

    These are very powerful words! Thank you for posting these today as they are touching me in wonderful ways.

  2. Thanks, Mary. Yes, they touched me when I was rereading them too. Out of the whole book, this is what really spoke to me, I remember, especially the last one.