Monday, January 24, 2011

Notes in the Raw #10

Honesty - Radical Honesty. Honest about what I'm attached to/ why (maybe includes armors, I'm attached to them)

Discipline - Building Discipline every day on simple stuff (breathing, eating, standing, sitting, whatever) will give me the tools I need in the future.

use of Pressure - Pressure can create growth, but too much pressure can kill. Like a tomato plant being watered only when it begins to wilt grows a solid root system which can tolerate drought (lack of water being the pressure). A tomato plant given tons of water will have a poorly developed root system, drought will kill it. A tomato plant with a good root system will survive the drought and be stronger for it. If your eyes are not ready to see the light, it will blind you, if your ears are not ready to hear the thunder, you will go deaf.

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