Saturday, March 12, 2011

Notes in the Raw #22

The Party Metaphor!

The whole body is a party - encourage and bring everyone (all of our body) together.

(Additions and explanation)
Look at the whole body like a party. Maybe you have some folks on the dance floor. Others standing against the wall, sulking.... Maybe a few who are passed out drunk. Everyone is together, it's all a party, but not everyone is following the same intention.

Now, what about a party where everyone is happily joining in to a big conga line! Maybe if most people are conga-ing, and the wall flowers see how much fun is being had, and are given the right kind of invitation, they will join in too!

I tend to get serious with stance... very important work you know, coming into alignment. Sometimes it might be helpful for me to let my seriousness just hop into that conga line and "lighten up" a little bit.