Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Journal philosophy #1

Hello! Inspired by some of my school brothers, I will share notes from my journals, starting at the beginning. They will be no-frills, and without commentary.

Levels of Combat
1. Killing Everyone
2. Fighting the Men
3. Hostages
4. Getting what you want without them ever knowing

Levels of Teaching
1. Form - Hands here, feet there. This/that relaxed
2. Technique - springs/visualization
3. Principle - Fascia all moving, body as one
4. Philosophy - One part moves, all parts move / isn't that interesting


  1. Nice Dan

    It's interesting reading these notes and the points you've wrote down. Thank you for sharing these. Gets me thinking about my notes too.

  2. Thanks RuiKe... look forward to a couple posts like this a week. I got a lot of notes!

  3. Levels of Teaching. Yeah... Seems a lot of teaching is focused on forms and techniques. And why not? This has immediate application. And is as good a place to start as any.

    I wonder how many "forms and application teachers" are equipped to guide their students into discovering the principles? Kinda hearkens to that old question, "How do you find a good teacher?"

    Glad to hear you'll be posting your notes! I look forward to reading!