Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wujifa Class Notes 4/17/11

Couple of notes from an awesome class this Sunday...

1. Bringing my right side along - my right side feels "different" from my left side, so through some guidance, I let my left side MEET my right side where it was, and then let my right side lead and my left side follow, which allowed me to find a really cool balance I was not noticing before. Instead of trying to get the right side of my body to "catch up" I went back to meet it, and let both sides relax and expand together.

2. There is no path outside of the goal, the goal is the path. "working at" relax is not the way to practice relax. "Relax" is the way to practice relax. This is a difference, for me, in the flavor of my intention. I can still have a solid relaxation intention without so much "working at". Thanks for the reminder on that one!

"balance"... "relax"... get both, and structure shows up more too for me.

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