Friday, August 14, 2009

Will and Willingness

What will you do?

What are you willing to do?

There is certain power in making a decision - in setting an intention. When you are willing to follow an intention - through all doubt and uncertainty - with faith that what you have decided will be, you get to discover something new about yourself.

Now, we can fight through it - we can beat our doubts or fears, facing our "wills" against theirs, OR...

We can be willing to follow our intention - to say, "this is the face and voice of fear and doubt, and it is my choice whether I will follow its path or the path I have set before myself." - and we can make that choice to follow the path we have intended.

We can become great fighters, but in my life it seems that fighting is hard on the heart, even when you "win".

So just being willing... willing to follow through an intention, even if it's as simple as to stand for one hour - not fighting to stand, but choosing to stand - can show us so much.

Willingness, Noticing, Intention, Openness... just a few words at the foundation of Wujifa. Are you willing to explore what they can show you?

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  1. Will and what is possible... willingness discovering what could be... possibilities

    Possible and Possibilities... certainty like will... driving forward... willingness like discovery even more possibilities.

    Sometimes the noticing the function and functionality... to have the will and being willing to discover shows up as we play with these in different ways.

    Personally... the will to check into that which may have bigger oppertunities is pretty cool... and other times being willing to learn from my mistakes... both have contributed to my life in so many ways.

    Simple concepts like will and willing which can seem similar yet can also be very different at different levels is a very interesting place to explore. Having the will and being willing to play in these areas have been very powerful for me too... noticing the will power ans willingness to explore a little deeper than many people might... nice!

  2. I have noticed that I seem to fight to stand a lot of the time. Any tips on simply being willing to stand?